Smart contract enabled asset management

TrackBack is providing transparency throughout the supply chain so that there is global confidence in quality, integrity and provenance.

Managing physical assets is a global problem

Supply chain participants today face continuous pressure to become more efficient, visible and customer centric, whilst operating in complex and regulated environments.


Brands need to build trust with their consumers, to justify premium prices and create cross border opportunities


Large players dominate a number of export industries, controlling the profit distribution and decision making processes


Large administration costs and duplicated systems across the supply chain reduce everyone’s profits


Exporting processes and surrounding regulations are complex for individuals and organisations

How can TrackBack help?

Prove authenticity and quality for product differentiation

Each product is tracked throughout the supply chain, with any customer or supplier being able to track a product and understand it’s origins, journey and quality. Premium quality should be rewarded with premium prices.

Provide cost efficiencies

TrackBack can reduce administration and duplication of effort which reduces cost across the supply chain, meaning the potential for more profit can be generated supply chain wide.

Create new ways to trade

Additional process automation, technology integration and potential for new economic models mean that suppliers can find new and more direct methods of reaching their customers.

Increase visibility and control

TrackBack provides a permanent record of the products history, making it easy to find the origins of an issue with the product and providing smart contract management.

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